Baias Tomas – 39 years

Retinal detachment

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Oros Maria 74 years

Cataracts surgery with artificial multifocal crystalline implant

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Mariana Popa

Am să fiu mereu recunoscatoare pentu lumina ochilor mei. Văd mai bine decat în tinerețe.

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A lot of thanks to Vitreum team! I have a great respect for the professionalism they have showed. Kisses from a happy person!

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Buterezu Roxana Cristina

The reason why I got a surgery was because I no longer wanted glasses, I was sick of them! My surgery took place this year. Right after the surgery I could notice the difference. I could finally see far without glasses.

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Ancuta Lucica

My name is Ancuta Lucica and I’m from Constanta. I’m 49. I had an eye surgery before because I could not see far. I was searching a clinic where I could get a multifocal crystalline implant for a while, because I wanted to see perfect.

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Mihaela Micle

It’s difficult to translate into words the result. Even if from a medical point of view the procedure was a success, for me it meant so much more.

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