We want to offer our patients the comfort, security and satisfactions of a well performed medical act, therefore we own complex and performant equipment.


The Huvitz Auto Kerato-Refractometer is a device used for recording diopters, automatically gathering data from Huvitz phoropter.

The Pure Point Laser Photocoagulator is an essential instrument for advanced diabetic retinopathy treatment.

The automatic phoropter and the Huvitz ophthalmological unit ensures a precise recording of the visual acuity. The classical method of manually changing the frame and lenses is now replaced by a modern technology, able to send the recorded data directly to the phoropter.

Zeiss Korean Topographer is very important in refractive surgery, used in the diagnosis of some hidden or incipient corneal vices.

ICare is a performant intraocular pressure recorder, extremely useful in the follow-up of glaucoma.


Plus Optix, this device allows us to record children visual acuity from a 1 m distance.

Optical Coherence Tomography OCT, is a very important instrument for diagnosis and follow-up of macular degeneration and other retinal disorders.

Computerized Angiofluorograph and Fundus camera are used for photographing the rear of the eye. Both are extremely important in diabetic retinopathy and other retinal disorders.

LEICA Surgical Microscope is a last generation device, used in performing a great part of our surgical interventions.

Quantel Medical Biometer is used for measuring the strength of the artificial crystalline, prior to implant it in the patient’s eye during a cataracts surgery.


Quantel Medical Ocular Ultrasound

Constellation – ALCON is the most advanced device currently available in ophthalmic surgery, by means of which we perform the anterior polar cataract surgery, one of the most common ophthalmic conditions. We also use it for posterior polar surgery, retinal detachment, ocular traumatism, vitreous hemorrhage, foreign body removal etc.

Computerized visual field is used to track the evolution of glaucoma.

Endo Optics Ocular Endoscope – Ocular endoscopy is used for treating patients suffering of glaucoma, providing the fastest and easiest  intervention for this condition. Ocular endoscopy is also utilized treating retinal posterior polar complex pathology. Ocular endoscopy is an advanced system with three functions: laser, lighting and visualization.

Melag is a high performance device, used for surgical instruments sterilization.

The Clinic is also equipped with its own power supply system during surgeries, in the event of power outages/failures

Thanks to Vitreum Clinic endowment with complete and complex state-of-the-art technology and thanks to specialized staff, we are able to cover a great range of ocular pathology.

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